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Mrs. Kalpana

We had to vacate the house that we had been staying for last 6 years. My husband wanted a house close to his office, while I wanted something closer to where we are living now. Therefore, he wanted me to make some adjustment.

During the house search when I was getting down the stairs of a house, I tripped and fell down. I developed pain in my thigh! This was disturbing my mind. I knew the cause based on the theories you taught on mind-body intelligence. I cursed myself for forgetting to thank the house before entering it.

We went to the same house this weekend. This time I thanked the house before entering it. The house looked beautiful and perfect. I fell in love with it. The rent is little over our budget. We are hoping that the house owner will agree to our price.

Naran S. Balakumar

It is nice to know that you are becoming sensitive to the body. For the others to come to our terms, chant the Bach Flower Remedies Mimulus and Walnut. Alternatively, write the names of the flowers in a piece of paper and keep it with you. Walnut is for adjustment!

Wherever we go, we should be ready to pay the price that it deserves. However, if there is budget constraint, call Wolf and ask the animal spirit to get you a nice good house that is well within your budget. Once the work is over, thank God profusely from the heart for guiding you through nature. You can do this even before you occupy the house.

A house definitely is out there, which suits your budget and taste. Pray that you should find it. “Together Find Divine Order Now Done” – SwitchWords can accomplish that for you. For that matter, you can achieve anything through prayers.

“When I was getting down the stairs I tripped and fell down.”  

Coming down is a problem for you. You are worried that you will lose control. There is nothing wrong to go beyond one’s ego. Your ego and pride is creating blocks for you.

Surprisingly, the inner or spiritual meaning of coming down is adjustment. Adjustment and compromise will open the doors for the universal love to operate. When it operates, loving people will always surround our lives. We will attract those who love us. The key word for Walnut is “adjust”. Alternatively, you can chant the SwitchWord Adjust.

Walnut alone can open your heart. There is no limit for the opening of the heart.

For various articles on Bach Flower Remedies, please click the link: and for more information on Animal Spirit Guides, please check:

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir NAranji
    Sir what does left heel pain indicates.My Son’s left heel pains too much when he walks cracking sound comes.Any bachflower remedies.switchwords or any other english words remedies ..kindly help sir.DIVINE-THANKS

  2. fttrs,
    find how well he passes urine.
    chant BLUE SAPPHIRE over a glass of water and give him that.

  3. Naren Sir
    I was laid off from my job on Nov 2011. Since then I have been looking out for a job but not getting it. I work in the IT field. In this site I found the recommendation of the switch word “FIND DIVINE ORDER“ for getting a good job. Is it applicable to chant it in my case too? I am not even getting any interview calls in the past 1 year. Another problem I am facing is – my wife had left me 5 yrs ago for some silly reason. Now she says she realized her mistake and is ready to live with me if I take her back. Due to my unemployment I cannot take her back & bear her expenses as well. Also I am confused if it will be the right decision to take her back as she has a fickle arrogant temperament. Kindly advise me on both matters. ie How to get a good job; and how to take the right decision in my marital life.

    • It will work in your case along with “Together” , because you are out of action for a long time and you are not together with your wife.

      Chant “Together Find Divine Order Count Now Done”

      This is applicable for your marriage also, as Find Divine Order make us take the right decisions, at the right time for any type of life situation.

      If you continuously chant “Find Divine Order”, you will see your life opening UP in all quarters of your life. Only thing you need is courage and tenacity (perseverance) to continue to do that.

      Good Luck

  4. pranam sir, I am really finding it difficult to handle this …plzz help..!!
    I get passionate and enthusiastic for a thing to start , till i am interested about that thing i am fully focused and learn it very quickly but then in the mid way I get totally uninterested and apathetic towards it that I don’t continue it till the end….and leave it !!
    or in other words I can’t stick to anything for long which is the reason I cannot completely learn anything.. I know a lot of things but I m not good at any of them…. !!

    what to do .. how can I change this..??

  5. My daughter staying in US for her permanent settlement please give switch words

  6. My daughter staying in US for her permanent settlement please give switch words

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