How and why we need to forgive others

For more detailed explanation on Why we need to forgive others and How to forgive others, please refer the book: “Forgiveness How and Why”, written by Naran S. Balakumar.


I have a problem letting go or forgiving people. Is there any switch word for it?


If you don’t do the forgiving exercise, you will undergo same emotions, even though situations may be different.

If you do not want to meet or interact with same people in future, Forgiving is the only way.

There is no shortcut for letting go the resentment and anger.

Do not act from ego; have higher perception and think that every event in our life is happening as per our desire. Before taking the birth, I want this life with these people to mend my life. But unfortunately after taking birth, we forget our commitment.  When the situation is created as per our desire, instead of learning lessons and moving forward, we get stuck and we refuse to forget or forgive.

What is the one that prevents you from forgiving? Release that and do it.

I Jay forgive you —–(name of the person). You please forgive me and release me. This can be done mechanically without the involvement of the heart.


Do I just have to fill the name or action that upsets me?


 “I Jay forgive you —–(name of the person). You please forgive me and release me”.

Take a person with whom you are angry. Insert his or her name in the space given above. Chant the same for 200 times a day.

Forgiving Exercise

Affirm, “I (your name) Robert forgive you Ashok (replace with name of the person to be forgiven). You please forgive me and release me”.

This can be done mechanically without the involvement of the heart.

Write a list of persons with whom you are angry. Take one person out of that list. Insert his or her name in the affirmation given above. Chant the same for 200 times a day.

Questions regarding Forgiveness Exercise


I have two queries related to Forgiving exercise.

I have too many people to forgive in my life, so please guide me how to forgive them with once for all.

I see my husband is having so much resentment in his life with so many people but he doesn’t try to do any of the exercise to forgive and forget. So is there anything I can do on behalf of him, as it’s affecting my life all the time.


  1. Take a list of all of them. Do the forgiving for all. Take one at a time. Chant 200 times for each.
  2. You cannot do anything for somebody’s sake. What is your predominant thought or emotion when you deal with him? Release that one by one. If one goes, another will come. Release that also.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir, how can v find tat our forgiving exercise is complete?

  2. You will just accept the other person as he is. You will be normal in your behavior when you meet him or think about him.

  3. Thank u sir

  4. HI, I am an intuitive Tarot and Angel Card reader and a natural healer,I want to specialise in some healing modality but cannot decide what I should do.Please can you suggest something for this and also to increase the flow of clients to me

  5. Take the flower remedy Cerato – 3 pills under the the tongue three times a day.
    This along with WATERVIOLET will help you find good clients.
    Daily look at the picture of the gem stone CITRINE and meditate upon it.

  6. Thank you so much Naran

  7. Dear Sir Naranji How to meditate on Flowers,animals,gems,water,colors, what words to be used in doing this maditation.kindly explain with the programme to used with.Thanks DIVINE-ORDER

  8. SNM,
    dont assume anything big for the word Meditation. Meditating on the flowers looking at the pictures with deep attention and gratitude in the heart. Even if you look at the picture for 5 minutes it is enough.

  9. Thanks Divine Naran Sir.

  10. Respected Sir Naranji i was also searching for this Answers regarding Meditaion.Thanks for explainations Sir.THANKS-DIVINE-ORDER

  11. Can i chant it by doing our daily work or i hv to meditate on it?

  12. I need to forgive myself. Could I use the same exercise?
    Thank you sir.

  13. SLAVKA,
    Follow the reply given to another question of yours about your son

  14. Hello Mr. Naran,
    I have a problem of getting emotionally attached to people (especially of the opposite sex). They would come on my mind for maximum times of the day. I unknowingly get so involved that after some time in the relation I say or do things that I don’t want to or that which is not good for the relation. Then of course there is friction in the relation. When I tried to find out more about it I got to know from a good astrologer that it is a basic element in my patrika (birth chart) that I get emotionally involved with the opposite sex for no reason. I really start to feel the energy when this starts to happen. I try to control but cannot. Can the forgiveness exercise be done in this case by using the name of that person? OR if there any other better way do let me know? (I do not want to do EFT as I don’t feel comfortable it works for me.)


  15. Ravi,
    do the forgiving exercise with eft.

  16. Satavisha Mazumder

    Please help me Naran fiance left me just 7days before our registry marriage.we though married in lingaraj he come to know my past affairs he is not contacting me and called off the marriage.he has stopped talking n messaging me also.pls help me with this.thank you!!

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