70 Days Programme for Finding a Good Life Partner

Affirmations for finding your life partner – read the instructions after the list of affirmations

1.      God, the loving omnipresent, the all-providing source of all relationships is individualized in me.

2.      I elevate my mind and heart to understand that Divine Presence I AM is the source of all my relationships.

3.      I am conscious of the Divine Presence as my life partner.  I am also conscious of the constant activity of this higher mind of infinite love.  My consciousness is filled with this Truth.

4.      Through my consciousness of my Divine-self – My source of love – I draw and fill up my thoughts and emotions with the omnipresent Divine love.

5.      I am aware, I understand and know that the all-providing Divine mind manifests as my life partner at the right time.  My trust in this truth is guiding me.

6.      My Divine mind works instantly constantly according to my needs and desires and with the Divine love operating through me, I remain always fulfilled… and every desire of mine is fulfilled.

7.      The Divine love that I am, is forever expressing its nature of Abundant happiness.  My getting the life partner is the responsibility of the Divine Presence within.  I am totally confident in letting go all my worries and letting God appear as the life partner in my life.

8.      My awareness of the spirit within me as the source of my love is making my life new, lifting me up from the past.  I experience this Divine love manifesting in all walks of my life.

9.      Since I am aware that God-self is the only relation, I am totally fulfilled.  I have found the secret of life and now I relax with the belief that Divine love is eternally operating in my life.  I Continue to be aware of this flow of Divine love which is continuously easily pouring from my Divine consciousness.

10.  My entire focus is on God within, the only relation in my life.  The god – within is active in all my affairs and I see the Divine principle in action on my behalf.

Instructions for doing this 70 days exercise

1.      In 1st cycle of 10 days – write one affirmation one day for 10 days. That is you will be writing 10 affirmations for 10 days.

2.      Leave a gap of 10 days, that is do not write the affirmation and just contemplate/meditate on the affirmation (for the day) for 10 days. Write the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER” 100 times daily

3.      In second cycle of 10 days – write one affirmation one day for 10 days. That is you will be writing 10 affirmations for 10 days.

4.      Leave a gap of 10 days, that is do not write the affirmation and just contemplate/meditate on the affirmation (for the day) for 10 days. Write the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER” 100 times daily

5.      In third cycle of 10 days – write one affirmation one day for 10 days. That is you will be writing 10 affirmations for 10 days.

6.      Leave a gap of 10 days, that is do not write the affirmation and just contemplate/meditate on the affirmation (for the day) for 10 days. Write the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER” 100 times daily

7.      In fourth cycle of 10 days – write one affirmation one day for 10 days. That is you will be writing 10 affirmations for 10 days.

Please ensure that this exercise is done daily on regular basis and if you miss this even on one day you have to restart the programme from the beginning.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Can we use this style for finding something else? Like a new residence?

  2. use it and FIND

  3. Can I use the above instructions for finding a bride for my brother. Please give instructions on how to do for my brother, Murali.

  4. Hema
    answered through your mail.

  5. sir, can we use this to be with someone specific after things gone really out of hand and there is no relastionship and communication left. if yes plz give instructions how to do it.
    thank you

  6. Dear sir,

    During the cycle of 10 days, should each of the 10 affirmations be written only once ?

    Thanks and Happy New Year.

  7. UserOne

  8. can i do this on behalf of my sister? Kindly guide me on this


  9. Shubha Harish

  10. please answer jess’s doubt Mr.Naran , and hw to say the above for someone specific ?? I mean if I am in a relationship with a person , hw to make him my life partner also using switch words?

  11. Dear Sir,
    I m 26 yr old gal and inspite of all best efforts of mine and parents for marriage,somehow things are not happening and two-three times at last moment we couldnt fix the marriage.Will this program help me or i need to something additional ? Can i chant LALITHAM SADASHIVAM along with this also? Do i need to chant any other mantra?

    • do this programme.
      write “SWEET CHESTNUT WALNUT HONEY SUCKLE THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE PARTNER. I TRUST THE DIVINE FLOWERS” in a slip of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.
      Daily read this.

      • Thank u very much sir for replying soon.I have started this programme with a positive mind and will update u what happens next.

      • Sir,
        I have two questions.Kindly answer them-
        1) Can this programme & switch words “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER” chant be continued during monthly cycles?
        2) Will additionally chanting switch words what you have instructed to write on slip will also help?
        Very sorry for bothering you again.

      • Sir kindly reply to my questions…

  12. Kittu
    Did you mail me personally?

  13. Dear Sir,
    What do you suggest me….31 years old male…no clue of marriage…!
    Not in a state of mind to continuously chant switchwords…Also had started the 70 day program but left midway….I am telling you all this because I know you take into consideration the state of mind while providing solution. Something like you suggested above would be good…like writing on a paper and keeping with me and reading once.


  14. Dear Naran sir,
    I am a gal looking for marriage since last 4-5 years.I read all the posts on ur blog regarding marriage and u have suggested different switchwords for different people like-

    2) Om recitation 7 times + Write SWEET CHESTNUT FIND DIVINE LIFE PARTNER NOW DONE.
    3) “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE PARTNER” and this 70 day programme.
    4) One of my friend suggested- ACT-DIVINE-LIGHT-LOVE-WOMB-CURVE-NOW.

    My parents are getting depressed as i dont have a job also and i am also very worried as inspite of continuous effort nothing good is happening.
    Plz plz help me and suggest best switchword for early result(dont want to wait 70 days) as i am really confused among the above.Along with chanting,i will also write and use circle technique or whtever u say.
    Plz help me.
    I will be thankful to u for lifetime.


    • AMI,
      CHANT TOGETHER FORGIVE LOVE THANK DIVINE 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.

      • Thanks sir,
        for how many days should i chant this?

      • Sir,
        As per your advice i am chanting it and i want to tell u smthng…there is one friend of mine..we were school friends and lost touch thn agn came in touch on facebook 2 yrs back.but never spoke much….but since last week our interaction has started….just 3-4 chats and suddenly m feeling attracted to him…we r of same age….same caste and have same native place….whtevr things i seek in my life partner i feel he possess…i m nt able to undstd whnvr i think abt my wud be…his face kinda flashes in my mind…..is it a signal of god?
        how will i knw if he is really the one for me….m kinda scared to say anythng as i dont knw abt his feelings and i dun wanna take risk as smwhere i fear rejection due to age(m 3 days elder to him)…..its not love tht i cant live without him…..i dun undstd y my mind directs me to talk to him…as i dun love him….he is just a gud frnd.
        i dun want to attract him with any mantra…i just wish if he is really my soulmate thn he shud come and say.
        wht shud i do?Your advice will be divine help to me.

  15. Dear Naran Sir,

    I also mail u just half an hour before. Sir i am sikh female 35, from new delhi, still unmarried, not finding suitable partner easily. Please show some way.


    • Ami,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT CHERRYPLUM as many times as possible. for 21 days. and then ask him if everything goes on well.

      • Sir,
        I am chanting it.I want to tell u that he has asked me to meet on Sunday(12th aug) for lunch,just like a friends meet.We have never met before.Neither he knows anything about my feelings nor I want to tell coz its awkward to say anything on first meeting.What should i do that he notices me when we meet ?

    • harpreet,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM daily 100 times

  16. Ami,
    chant CENTAURY LARCH and meet him

  17. In reference to Post no.14
    Respected Sir,
    I have completed this programme(June-8 to Aug-16) without missing even a single day and also kept the slip under pillow & read that.
    During this 70 days,I felt positive(lesser frustration) and I received almost double the proposals I used to get but still due to horoscope matching or other reasons we could not get a proper match.
    What to do next sir ?What should I chant now ?

  18. Kittu
    very good. Best of Divine grace to you always.
    chant SWEETCHESTNUT BLUE SAPPHIRE WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM as many times as possible. you can write 21 times daily.

    • Thank you sir, I have decided to chant it 1000 times a day.

      1 more thing I want to ask- My neighbour is a very good friend of my father.He claims to be very good astrologer with accurate predictions.Whenever he comes at our home he says that your daughter wont get married for next one more year,no matter how much efforts u put or good proposals come coz she has debilitated mars and saturn.My parents do not believe much in astrology but that uncle always says something negative regarding my marriage and now whenever any proposal turn down my parents have also started saying that may be that uncle is right and this in turn affects my thoughts and positivity.
      As we have familiar relations with their family,we can’t say directly anything to them.
      How to deal with this negative energy(thoughts) that he broughts as he always discourages me and my parents.
      What should i do ?

  19. kITTU,
    Everyday morning when you wake up, say three times, I THANK MARS AND SATURN FOR KEEPING THIS PERSON AWAY FROM INFLUENCING ME.

  20. Sir,
    As per ur advice I chanted and met him,had a normal meeting wid him but I don’t think he considers me more thn a friend(Its been 20 days & no talk after tht meeting).Also my parents are worried and insisting to get married asap,evn I also dont want to stuck and chase him for my one sided attraction.I am confused and upset wid present state ….whether I should move on and start my arrange marriage search again ?
    You r the only friend,philosopher and guide wid whom I have shared my mental state.
    Plz advice what to do now ?

  21. Ami,
    Whether you want or want life is moving on. Our mind only gets stuck up with the event, by thinking about it. Release the mind from the past and go ahead.
    Together I release the past to move on. Now Divine takes care of me . Chant this daily 100 times. write CHICORY (to overcome the love pangs) HORNBEAM(to move ahead) WALNUT (to adjust to the new life period) in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow

  22. Respected Sir,
    I am glad to inform u that after doing that forgiving exercise for a week,that uncle have said nothing negative,infact he came only twice in this month n both the time i was not at home,he sent me some sweets and a gift also telling that he treats me like a daughter,so things are at peace.Rest I am chanting “SWEETCHESTNUT BLUE SAPPHIRE WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM” as many times as possible and writing 21 times daily since a month.Should I continue this or anything else?

  23. kittu,

  24. Sir,
    I sincerely tried to do what ever u had suggested me but i feel frustrated and sad over my current state and i feel switchwords doesnt affect me as i have seen no change in my life even after 4 months of chanting n all….liked one guy but he doesnt seem interested…back to futile arrange marriage search but no luck…i have never felt so bad about me in my whole life as whatever i wish never happens…..and this waiting period seems endless…

  25. Ami,
    do tapping on yourself and release all your emotions. you will feel relieved and you will get over the present crisis

  26. Ami, I can totally relate to your situation and state of mind. I am also in the same boat too. Frustration crops up every single moment and really don’t understand what to do. I’ve tried many things including tapping and they are not working (atleast for me). Me too felt switchwords did not affect me and also after an already long wait doing another 70 day programme really blows the top off. Done so many energy healing techniques but in vain. Maybe something good is going to come out after all of this. I hope this message is not filtered by the website admin because I have written it with the core of my Truth. Wish U Good Luck in your soulmate search, Ami.

  27. Userone.
    I understand your frustration. we cannot understand the working of the Divine with the rational mind. The divine is incomprehensible to the rational mind. We have no choice but to try different methods.
    you might have noticed the different methods, different chantings, different combination of switch words and bach flowers are suggested here for the same type of problem. Yes. at the core of my heart, i also want all the problems of all who come here,to be solved.

    To know is different; to understandis different.
    If you read the statements given in the 70 day programme carefully, you might have undestood its significance.
    e.g. Note the fifth point.
    5. I am aware, I understand and know that the all-providing Divine mind manifests as my life partner at the right time. My trust in this truth is guiding me.
    Let go all the worries. We can worry, we can be frustrated we may feel angry at things that are not happening. Are these feelings going to help us. if so, have these feelings. Instead, they will drive us away from trying. Trying is the only choice given to us if we desist from trying, what else we do? Surrender with PATIENCE AND TRUST in divine. Those qualities only will help us. Understand that every method given here is trying to elevate your mind from the survival emotions.
    Best of luck for everything in life. Nothing has gone waste.

  28. Respected Sir,
    Like Ami and Userone I am also trying this switchwords sincerely since last 6 months and in my case also nothing had happened so far. I read the comment u have written above to Userone and I just wanna say that I have left it to God now.You say that trying is the only option but I want to ask if we sincerely try and continuously try and nothing happens then disappointment and frustration is obvious.Its very difficult to stay calm and positive continuously for several months as we don’t know how long is the waiting period.After so many months I feel to give up trying and leaving it to God.What do u insist now?

  29. kITTU,
    chant om lam namaha om vam namaha as many times as possible

    • Dear Naran Sir,

      I am 43 yrs old woman never married was in a on- off relationship with a man for over 10 yrs but he does not want to commit. At first I believed he was my soulmate but he always keeps me at a distance and is very selfish. I have tried moving on but it’s been hard to find a man Especially someone with who there is mutual respect, trust, attraction to live a happier and fulfilling life of divine togetherness. By nature I am kind and giving, people take advantage Of this. My family, friends and even I find it hard to believe/understand why I am unable to attract the right person. Appreciate your guidance. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

  30. Respected Sir,
    Wish u a very happy new year.
    After 2 months m talking to u and I want to tell u that somehow my emotions have changed now…earlier i used to get frustrate and complain about my single state.I used to always crib why me but now I feel positive about things,somewhere that disappointment has gone….I realised getting married is not the only goal of life instead a part of life.
    My search of soul mate is still on but somewhere I feel positive that it will happen soon and even if doesn’t happen soon, I won’t feel sad as m calm and at peace now….don’t know what is the reason behind all this……what do u say abt this ?

  31. Kittu,
    Do not expect anything to happen. Observe what is happening inside. “If within” is ok. just walk on.
    chant i open myself to the love beauty and grace of the Divine. it is the Divine which has to facilitate the manifestation of all our intentions.

  32. Respected Sir,
    As per ur advice I don’t keep any expectation now and try to be at peace.But my family members and relatives constantly pressurize for getting married,they consult astrologers and in turn these astrologers confuse and make claims,recently one astrologer said that I cant get married fro another two years as I have some dosha or anything.How to deal with such outer negativity and keep myself calm?

  33. kittu,
    what is your reaction? Release each and every reaction as it arises, saying I release…

  34. Respected Sir,
    As per your advice, I did this releasing exercise for all my frustration n disappointment and also did forgiving exercise for all those who pressurize me or taunt me for my marriage, i really felt relieved and nice.Also chanted – “I open myself to the love beauty and grace of the Divine” all this while.
    Now my question is what should i do next? I read in ur blog about ” Vallabham gajananam eka dantham ” for delayed marriage,should i chant this or any other switchword?Personally i love chanting mantras…what do u suggest?

  35. Dear Sir,
    I am writing to u after a long time.You told me to release all my negative emotions and so i tried that,now i dont feel pity on my state,perhaps i have released that anger and I am calm now.My arrange marriage search is still on…how to find that Mr. Right ?

  36. Ami,
    now chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM YEAKDHANTHAM. If there is a desire to have Mr. Right,there is inherent vague imaginary fear of getting a bad guy.
    Write Aspen 51 times daily. Write ASPEN in a paper only one time Keep it under the pillow

  37. Hello Mr. Naran,

    I’m really frustrated now. I’m 32 now and there is nothing happening about marriage. I really don’t know what to do.
    It sometimes makes me feel that nothing in this world and no healing technique works.

  38. Ravi
    chant Gorse over crystal reach together bring magic life partner

  39. Dear Sir.
    Its been a year now…m confused whether these switchwords or mantras don’t work for me.
    What should I do?

  40. hi ,
    i am looking for a good guy .. through my relatives i came to know about one guy, i dont know his name and all but i like him and his family, my family members also like their family but the thing is my family is waiting for the guys family to come and start the alliance talk . please guide me in this ,.. is there any ways to attract the guys family towards me? please help

  41. This blog is fantastic and really good written.It has good contents and also very helpful for me. It’s just great!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  42. Sir, I want to find a suitable match for my son who is 25+ . He works in Merchant Navy and has the compulsion to be on ship atleast for 6 months at a time. I don;t know how to find a suitable match for him. Please help me.

  43. hi sir pranam at ur feet,
    u r doing a superb job fr d welfare f humanity..as tdy s d worlds f money world..ppl r tkng so much mny through ppl so sumtms ppl fed up wid al dose ppl n hopeless..u r so nic..sir.kep doing ur selfles service..want to knw abt mt acidity problem …n wtevr i do in my lif i fail to do so…i cnt tk desicions ..whenevr i tk it it gvs me bad results…i m alwys confused..plz help..n whenevr u gv me any remedy,,plz plz write in simple language so dt i cn undrstnd it vry easily

  44. Sir,
    Got Married in November 2014. Before marriage husband took too much care of me.. After marriage I found that he is following one babaji..Totaly..First I went with him..but all occasion he force me to go there.. he is not earning so much.. he is doubted on relationship. he beated me as I refused to go there..he don’t want me to work..so finally we applied for divorce in July 15.. but my file is misplaced.i want to get divorce very soon. N I want a good life partner in my life soon .. please suggest me something..

  45. i wrote 95 times the switchwords instead of 100 yesterday.. by mistake. i am on the 37th day. Do i still continue or start all over again?

  46. Sir,
    All our family members have a problem with my daughter-in-law & her parents.
    Day-to-day, programme will be updated to parents & create mess in family.
    Every month parents come to advice us.they are not ready to adjust only complain ing.
    Main cause of problem is ,she is not satisfied with husband.
    We are not finding solutions…not ready to give divorce also.
    Plz,guide us
    Thank you ,

  47. radhika khandelwal

    sir ,
    i want to ask do i have to choose one affirmation or write all affirmation i mean 10 affirmations in total each day which you have given me

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