I Deserve Respect

How to deserve more respect in your life?

Do the following:

1.       Reflect on your life. How much respect you are giving to others?

2.       Are you able to respect one and all?

Weigh the amount of respect you give to others

Reflect on your life and find out how much respect you are giving to others.

What is the meaning of respect? It is not that you should get up from the chair, when someone comes. It is the humanitarian aspect, I am talking about.

A millionaire shows his respect to his driver, a case history

I received an email recently. A person was working as a driver for a multi-millionaire in Pune, for more than 30 years.

When the boss was in Mumbai he received a message that his driver passed away. He replied asking not to dispose of the driver’s body until he arrives at the funeral proceedings. After reaching Pune, the millionaire put the driver’s body in his car, and he drove the car himself to the burial ground.

This, I would call showing the right RESPECT.

Roles do not define a person

We are always playing different roles. I deserve respect means, as a human being I need respect and not for the role I am playing.

If you are an MD of a corporate then anybody will give you respect. We find the same situation in government offices. A peon will be saluting to his officer until he retires. But, when the officer retires and comes back to the office to draw his pension that time the peon will not even bother to have a look at him.

To know the equality of a human being is respect. But what we generally do? We say, “He is a cleaner”, or “He is a driver” and keep people at a distance. However, by keeping them at a distance we are preventing ourselves from the flow of love.

How to give respect to others

1.       You think in these aspects and find where all we expect respect.

2.       ‘All humans are equal’ is the only way we can give respect and take respect. Find out whether we can give respect to all, this way.

Treat everybody humanly

If you think the other person is my husband/wife then only quarrel will be present. Instead, if you think that the other person is also a human being then we will start giving them love and respect.

 If you get the understanding that you and I are one, then only love will start pouring in our lives. Only that attitude will bring more love for you. In addition, you will find more time to love yourselves.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. alamelu iyengar

    Any remedy for avoiding getting too emotional all the time.I am very sensitive if anyone says anything immeditaely feel bad .what is the remedy?

  2. almelu iyengar,

  3. Thanks a lot sir!

  4. A very nice article sir, the people I love the most take me for granted , i mean i always give them a call , care for them , e.t.c and inreturn they dont harm me but never take initiative in showing care e.t.c

    How to make my loved ones stop taking me for granted and give me some love and care instead.
    The people I am talking about are the closest to me..
    Help sir ! ..
    any switch words, bach flower, gem remedies….
    so that it becomes a relation of equality, love and peace .. 🙂


  5. Dear Naran Sir
    i really need your guidance my daughter has wasted precious years of her life on this ungrateful insecure person she has paid a heavy price now my only wish is to see her happily settled in life soon Your guidance would be highly appreciated.

    Dear Naran sir
    i would be very grateful if you could guide me in two crucial situations which we are facing
    to get amicable divorce settlement for my daughter with her reputation and dignity intact. And for her to get a well settled caring stable person soon in her life .

  6. thanks sir i just read it i thought maybe i posted it in the wrong post so i wrote it here

    thanks once again for your reply

  7. Michelle Cuevas

    Hello Naran Sir, thank you for all your remedies using switchwords. I’ve used some of your suggestions and they helped me. Please give me some switchwords to chant for repairing, renewing & healing the skin like for instance scars, stretchmarks. The reason I ask is that I have lost over 50 pounds and even though I have toned up by exercising the skin in my abdomen is kind of loose with stretchmarks. I’ve tried creams, massages but my tummy is till not firm and with exess skin. This is really affecting my self esteem and I just want to feel better about myself and I really dont want to get surgery.

  8. Dear Sir,

    My skin is very dry and I will be of normal complexion only. I want to have a glowing skin. Please suggest some remedies for the same.


  9. Hello sir,
    Please help me to be loved by my in laws …
    I respect and love them alot

    Thanks in advance..

  10. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

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