You can be a King and Be a Buddha too!!!


I have realized the more I ask for, be it from you (I asked for a job, family harmony, curing skin issues) or simply from God, it has always been granted to me. I am really grateful for it. Sometimes I think God has me in his special list.

However, now I feel guilty.  It’s like some loop of desires. Now I want to get married to a wonderful, understanding and loving husband. After I get that I will want a child. Then it will be her/his education, desires, life, and money.

I thought life’s aim is to be detached from the world and arise out of all the attachments.  And what I seek is totally different from what I ask for. If I keep asking and one day if I don’t get it, will be the reason for my sorrow. So finally my search for happiness will drive me to sorrow, isn’t it?

I want to give up all attachments and live and enjoy in this world at the same time. I don’t understand my path of life.

I need guidance. Please help!  You are one person who I truly revere. I sometimes wonder how you have so much patience to read and reply to so many queries. Everyone here is always asking, and always wanting things. I don’t blame them. You provide solutions which work. It gives all of us high hopes, a ray of light!!!


If we think that everything is provided by God and thank him with the open heart daily, we will get inordinate joy.

Whatever is good, he will give it to me. If anything is not needed, he will deny it. If we think in this manner, there is no sorrow.

By thanking him or by adoring him we are not adding up even 1% to his divinity. But, wondering at the way the Divine field operates and thanking for everything, will make us content.

Your greatest teacher is living within your heart.

Every day, in the morning say, “I OPEN and ALIGN myself – all parts of my consciousness – with the GRACE of DIVINE LOVE, BEAUTY, and HARMONY”.

Just close your eyes and start thanking what happened on the previous day.

A nice question!!!

Best of luck!

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Radhika I was feeling just as you were. Who am I for God to be so faithful?! Thank you for answering Naran.

  2. very nice question and was important for me also to know about it.thank you.

  3. Dear Sir Naranji Namashkar!
    Sir I need to get help for A girl who is married having a two years son has job at good compony.
    Girl is very desperate as his husband is not working …lieing…drinking..smoking…All Bad habbits she is on verge of leaving Her husband but as husband is very much attached to his son requested his wife not to leave and have promised to search for job but has not yet successd in finding any job.Now wife says he is lieing she can not tolarate her husband’s behaviour.
    She has asked for help so i am asking all yours help . Any Switchwords…Ec..swotchwords..flower remedies chanting of english switchwords …i would do for them to have happiness in life…. any switchwords for getting a respected job for boy so that he can take care of his Family too….can help to make this Family a Loving and caring .
    Please Help.

  4. ULTIMATE QUESTION, which is most required for this HUMAN WORLD.

    How will the world be, if every individual starts thinking like this. There will be no war, no destructions. It iwll become LORD RAMA’S EMPIRE.

    Sir, now I will add to this question:

    We people, your deciples: What can we chant on a daily basis to bring the world into unity n humanity.

    Could you give us one common phrase or a prayer/affirmation, which we can pick and pray everyday.

    As you had guided me, Iaffirm this statement everyday:

    2) I open and align myself to Lord Krishna’s happiness and flexibility.
    3) I prostrate and thank you Bach flowers from the bottom layers of my heart and help me to Open and Align myself to the Luv and Beauty of God.

    I make my kid also say these statements everyday.

    Sir, once again thank you for being our Lord Narayan in front of us to bless us and guiding us to be whole and complete.

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