I will save you at any cost

A great man of prayer was once surrounded by floods.

On the previous day, god appeared in his dream and said “When the floods arrive, I will come and save you.”

Now his house was about to be submerged in the water.

Soon after a boat man appeared and offered his services. Though, the great man refused the offer, expecting god to come and save him.

The floods were rising further and except for him all his neighbors were saved.

After some time, another boatman came and offered his services.

Once again the great man refused it. He did the same for the third boatman too.

Eventually, he was drowned.

He met the God after his death and asked him why he was not saved from the floods, as he was promised in the dream.

God replied “I sent the boats thrice, but on all the three occasions you refused.”

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you sir, for the divine message.we all are blessed to be guided by you sir

  2. Great sir. please tell me how many pills of vervain & heather to be put.

  3. 5 pills each in a bottle of water

  4. Sir,
    I need your help. My uncle having cancer in Salivary gland (Doctors suspecting) already one operation had done last week. Last week of this month he has to undergo another surgery. I want him soon recovery please help me. Thanks


  5. r c
    chant CENTAURY (for recovery) Gorse waterviolet hornbeam

  6. Biswasri Datta

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering chronic migrane headache last 20 years. Pl. help me how could I remove from the headache for lifelong.

  7. Biswasri Datta
    cut (along with the skin) the apple into pieces. Add some salt and take them in the morning on empty stomach

  8. Sir, I am planning to visit India but Ticket price is too expensive, is there any Sw i can chant so that i can get reasonable price.

  9. sai,
    chant gorse hornbeam

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