Why can’t I be happy?


I had been trying out all the mantras and switch words you had suggested to me. I had been religiously taking the remedies you had recommended. Yet I am not seeing the results I want.

I still don’t have a good job.  My marriage is in shambles. Neither my parents nor my in-laws are happy about me.

Luckily, I am yet to have kids. Otherwise, I am afraid they will be cursing me too.

My simple question to you is, “Why can’t I be happy and lead a satisfactory life-like others?”

Sorry! I am feeling very skeptical here and feeling much disappointed too.


A Few questions to you first

What is “Thanks”?

What is “Acceptance”?

Why should we accept everything totally – whether what is happening in our life is to our liking or not?

When I am lucky…

I want.

I pray.

I get what I want.

I thank the Divine.

But I forget to pray for others who have not got because of my getting.

When I am not lucky…

I want.

I pray.

But, I am denied.

I feel sad or angry instead of thanking for not getting what I want.

In other words, I am resenting the gift to someone.

This sadness of anger over my not getting is truly resenting others and denying the Divine Order by violating the quantum law:  “All is one. One is all”.

Why can’t I be unhappy, when I fail, you may ask?

When I resent or feel sad, I cannot receive when my turn comes (yes! it comes to you one day for sure).

Therefore, when I am denied, I accept and thank god for giving to someone.

I thank God, because my prayers got someone what he wanted.

Denial to me is a gift to someone who needs more than me.

So I Thank the Divine

Let me feel happy about it.

Let me accept it.

With OPEN HEART and QUIET MIND, I ACCEPT and THANK the DIVINE for anything and everything in my life.

I thank when I receive.

I thank when I am denied, while others receive.

So I Thank the Divine in Advance, for one day, my wants will be fulfilled, my prayers will be answered, and I will receive the gifts I desire as I have understood today that my acceptance and attitude of gratitude at any stage will get me everything, when my turn comes.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. As energy follows attention it is always good to count blessings than recount problems. Even if/when no remedy seems to work, it is still a blessing that one is trying and has options to choose! and teacher like you to refer to. (or any other based on faith).

    These words by you is very beautifully explaining concepts. As a subj. teacher I am trying to do a project on gratitude with some students in college and finding them respond like it is learning a foreign language challenge!!

    Thank you naran sir.for all the wisdom and healing. May God shower his blessings on you, shobana mam and all divine readers.

  2. very nice way of explaining

  3. Divine Thanks to Naran Sir for his self-less services.
    Everybody is blessed here. An Angel though he is. Divine Together

  4. Sir, I chant the mantras, switchwords and even gem names also. Very wonderful. I think and feel a change in myself. Yellow Sapphire has made me earn more. Divine Thanks to you Sir.

    Chanting Slow Care Together Bring Praise Divine, I am improving my image, overall. Lalitham Lambodram removes obstacles from my life. Ramchandram Purushotamam keeps the same worries away. The list is endless as your blessings. Lalitham Mantras give amazing results.

    Divine Together is for bring all together.

    Divine Thanks Sir.

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