Do you know how to surrender?


I tried every other thing that you suggested to move to Singapore but things did not work out.

I understand that God has his own way of doing things that is always for my highest good. Now, given our situation, even though we want to move to India, a part of me tells me to leave it to God and let him guide us.

How do I go about leaving things to God and wanting events to unfold according to Divine will?


Chant or write daily 51 times:
“I align with the part of me which surrenders and accepts Divine order”.
“I release the part of me which wants to control any event, resisting the divine order”.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir
    Good evening ! Failing to understand that I have surrendered myself to god’s will, the divine power will definitely help me so the chanting of the sw is continuously done. But my question is when I ve done some mistake then only I have stucked up and landed up in serious problem specially like overburdened with huge debts where people are after my life , My question is on one side to get rid of this worse situation I am chanting and surrendering myself to the divine power but when on the other side to save or escape from the situation I am continuously lying to the creditors or lenders as if I tell them the truth hardly anyone wud believe as failing of commitments in the past has bittered / soured the relationship. So finally where a person by heart is surrendering and calling for divine help but logically telling lies to buy time or save the situation WILL THE CHANTING OR PRAYER REALLY WORK.
    Why I am telling all this as it needs enormous courage and to be bold enough to say someone that I have been telling you lies till date and confess the truth.
    but when and whatsoever be the situation everyone in this materialistic world are selfish to such extent is that if you tell the truth also no body believes and to save the so called prestige or reputation a chain of lies follows. In this kind a situation what a person should do
    pls suggest.

  2. When you chant “ROCK WATER CHESTNUT BUD” people will believe what you say.
    If you are worried that time to say the truth, chant AGRIMONY.

  3. WOW Mohan i was about to post a question to u that what does ROCK WATER CHESTNUT BUD WALNUT means & i found the reply as i was chanting this combination for my husband long time back

    • Let us say you are stopped by a cop. You don’t have a license. A typical Chestnut Bud person will run away.Of course, he will be caught.

      If you chant Rock Water and Chestnut Bud, the cop will understand you don’t have a license, which is not a crime, he will be flexible (Rock water is driven by principles) and will let you go.

      Naran’s client was about to close his loan account. He had been paying off without fail. There is a stipulation when we close the account, after selling the property we are supposed to give some percentage of sales to Bank. Who wants to?

      He chanted Rock Water. I am sure the Bank officer know, the client is closing the loan account by selling. However he let him go after all the client has paid lot of interest to the bank over a period of time.

      Welcome to the world of truth and flexibility.

  4. thanks for this explanation. Naran sir gave me this to chant for my husband’s behaviour & totally in his mother’s control.

  5. Sorry to trouble u again but i’ve discussed with u two different questions one is my inlaws control me a lot & second my husband is in my MIL’s control. Will it work in both situations ,if yes how to chant differently

  6. Sir I wrote many questions but I didn’t get the response from you. But today I hope you will give me remedy for this. Actually I told you that I got kidney transplant n I m taking lifelong medicines, one of them is steroids . This gives side effects in physical appearance ,such as Los of hair, stomach grown big, my bust also increased,my weight tremendously increased. Though I m not eating so extra to grow so much. My eye sight become very blur n increased power for reading too. Can u pl give me some switch word for all these things? I will be thankful if I get answers for problems. Pl send me to my email address.

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