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  1. when my subordinates do not listen to my instructions,Please tell me what mantra would help me to make them obey?

    Thank you very much,
    Always grateful for your life supporting techniques,

  2. you can chant centaury waterviolet.
    write these names in a piece of paper and keep it on your table and see it often.

  3. My name is Neha & My husband name is Kamal.
    My date of birth is 19 November 1985 Time 6:00 Evening.
    His date of birth is 12 January 1979 Time 2:40 afternoon.
    Its been 2years & 6 months we got married.
    Problem is conceiving a baby.
    We r trying from past 1year but we r not able to have.
    one more thing we r becoming a bit lazy in sexually matters.
    we have noticed that in a month of 30 days we involve in sex for only 2 or 3 times.which is really bad on the part.we actually realize this thing.and want to improve.
    Plz help us out.
    I just want to conceive & deliver a baby.
    I will be so thankful if you will be able to help me.
    I will be Waiting for reply.

  4. if you are having two or three times, have it ten days after mensturation is over.

  5. hang a picture of Rabbit in the bedroom. hang a picture of pigeon in the dining hall.
    You can chant SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM any numb er of time while retiring to bed.

  6. Hello sir,my self Hemil,I am IT engg,
    please suggest me a mantra or remedy for good career,i am going through very bad time,i am also apearing in MBA enterance exam.
    One more thing is i am seeing snakes several time only once dead,and it is unusual in my area.anything you can say abut it?

    chant ECHINACEA whenever you go out. intending\”Echinacea by active in blood stream for the next … hours.\” People who catch or play with snakes or be in the midst of snakes within a cage, take this homeopathy mother tincture or apply on their body.\”. This particular herb keeps the snakes away. The snakes will not bite. for being bitten by the snake, this tincture should be mixed in water and given.
    dont bother. Thank the snakes before coming out of the house.
    You have to co-exist.

  8. Dear sir, I have a few issues to address:
    A) dry flaky skin for past 25 years, pls advise what to chant and which Bach flower to chant.

    B) when I delivered my first child (c-section), baby was overdue, with days of delivery both arms went numb had to take injections in my wrist, however now also after almost 14 years, my finger tips are numb and I have constant pain and numbness whenever using hands which is for everything cooking, washing etc. Please advise chanting.

    C) when I was 24, I lost my youngest brother, I cut myself from God for this tragedy……I have now realized that the God is most loving and compassionate. I had severe hair fall since my brother’s death and never really recovered. Pls advise what to chant for rectifying this condition.

    D) I have dee dived many ideas during my conversations/meditations with God but I fail to execute them or follow them thru to the end. Please advise chanting Bach remedy for this.

    Ever so grateful for all your posts, they are precious jewels with inconceivable value. I am so grateful to God for bringing your blog to my awareness.

    Thank you thank you thank you x countless times. I Rajkaur forgive all. Please forgive me and release me. Thank you.


  9. Rajkaur,
    chant mimulus chicory waterviolet star of bethlehem together be divine over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water. do this daily two times. After 21 days come back

  10. Dear SIr, thank you very much. Could you please advise what I can chant for improving eyesight, recently my vision has started getting blurr. In my mother side she and all her siblings have cataract some have white and others have black. Appreciate your guidance on chanting. I will keep you posted on the above progress too. Together Divine x countless times.

  11. Rajkaur,
    you have to do eye exercises regularly. laearn from somebody.
    LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM will help you. chant 100 times over a glass of water and drink daily.

  12. Dear Naran ji, ref 9.Rajkaur 28 June 2012
    I am chanting as guided by you, Mimulus chicory water violet star of bethlehem together be divine x 100 times twice a day over a glass of water. I feel difference in my fingers, however I would like to highlight 2 things. A) I noticed that after about 5 days I forget chanting this happened twice. Now I have started. 3rd time. I hope this time I complete 21 days without any further breaks. B) the skin in my fingers is peeling off. ( I think it’s a good sign). Please guide. Find divine answer thank you. Rajkaur

    • Raj,
      does not matter. continue. you can take bio tissue salts available in homeopathy shops. MAG PHOS KALI PHOS CALCI PHOS 6X Take three tablets of each three times a day.

  13. My sister son met with an accident while coming from college (18 years old), he was very critical and since 20 days he is in ICU, his liver was bleeding, and had lot of internal bleeding. kidneys was in dialysis, was not able to pass enough urine, right leg fractured and tomorrow is he leg surgery. Please help my sister son to get out of this problems, what to be done and what all mantras to chant.

  14. GEETHA,
    WRITE sweetchestnut in a paper and keep it under his pillow or paste it on his photo.

  15. Thank Naran ji. I am very sorry to post in two places. Will surely chant.

    Only my sister had to chant or even i can chant is there any count.

  16. guruji, these days some times i get a missed calls to my mobile. i dont know i have not given my number to any body except a few known persons. early in the morning i get and they talk something nonsense. please suggest me any remedy

    • Do the forgiving exercise for this man.

      Say “I thank you for keeping away from me” three times daily.

      • Naran sir I wanted to ask something. Before marriage i used to spend enough time worshiping god n my mother n sister did nt like dis n after marriage my MIL didn’t like the same so my devotion to god became less. Now a days i spend most of my time in chanting switch words or doing reiki rather than doing puja.wenever iv problem i say wolf help me instead of god. Pls tell am i doing wrong as I’ve lost interest in going temples. I prefer chanting. In the other hand my MIL does a lots of puja n all her desires r fufilled. Pls clear my point

  17. thanks m & r mohan

  18. Hello and greetings, im in a very terrible situation, i used some fraud documents to get my visa and one of friends complained this to immigration and police came and checked all my documents, i was afraid and confirmed dat im wrong and asked for forgiveness, they hav released me on bail as i have a two month old baby, i just want to be free from this mess so nothing happens to me and im set free and forgiven please help urgent

  19. Hi Naran ji

    I am in love with my boy friend for past 8 year since he is still unsettled in life it creates many probs in our life now he is not even speaking with me please help us we need to be together always I can’t be without him

  20. i want to convince my mother and brither for intercaste to ..suggest some remedy or switchword please

  21. Myself yashwinin my husband kiran we not have understanding nature and good relation and fighting misunderstanding

  22. Dear sir ,

    Please tell me a switch word to get a desired life partner, I got one desired marriage proposal because of kundali didn’t matched they cancelled it . 🙃

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