Outside Disturbance = Inside Disturbance

Two people are quarrelling.

When I witness that I get disturbed. Address the disturbance.

You cannot change anybody. You cannot change even an iota of a person. He is made by God. How can we change him?

What is the disturbance you have? As per the disturbance you take either the Bach flower remedy or chant the mantras or chant the switch words or heal yourself by doing Mudras.

If you want these two persons not to quarrel then the (internal) disturbances caused by these two people must be addressed first.

There is nothing called external factors. All these things are internal factors, which are reflecting outside. We must be very sure about this.

Even if do not succeed we have to go on try.

Whatever disturbance you have, you heal that.  No other tool like shadow self meditation is required. Instead, just address the mind.

Whatever may be your reaction, come out of the reaction. To come out of the reaction affirm, “I accept myself totally”. Whatever comes in your mind, you keep on release them.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Good mrng sir,i need ur guidance.my husbend’s mother gifted her house to my husbend(we hv all legal papers).its almost 6 yrs back.my husbend’s elder brother hv no prblm with that,they hv gud relation with us.bt suddenly my husbends elder sister claimed share for it(we hv given her what my mother in law written for her).we hv meeting at corporation on 8th,plz suggest any Sw so that we cn easily cm out of this situation.my sister in law is nt a nice lady yet.

  2. parna
    chant agrimony chicory willow divine order

    • Thanks sir i hv chanted it and that day over peacefuly even officers talked to us very politely.but sir now my sister in law wl try to harrass us in other way.she is a dangerous lady that she cn even do blackmagic on us.please sir give us a strong Sw so that she can’t do any case on us to get share of house(we can’t effort any court expenditure) and also don’t do any evil against us.we hv a 5yrs old kid and so m scared of al this.

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