Our anxiety during traffic jams

Naran S Balakumar

The point is that we are more concerned about time. Divine is concerned about the safety. Who will win?

If something doesn’t happen it is only for our good. Everything happens for our good only. Unfortunately, we don’t understand that and became anxious.

Anything that happens due to my efforts is also divine grace; anything that happens without my effort is also divine grace.

All of us are puppets in the hands of the divine.

Thank him if something doesn’t happen. Thank him if something happens.

That is the only thing we can do.

Love lost and found – an unbelievable story


I will tell you a story written by a Hungarian in the Reader’s Digest magazine.

This is the story about a Hungarian, born in Hungary, but settled down in America.

It was the year 1947-48. Daily he used to go to the railway station, to board the train and go to his office. He will catch the train exactly at 9’O cloak.

On 10th January’ 1948, after going to the station he suddenly thought to visit his friend and then go to the office. He decided to visit him. He caught another train. He met his friend and came back to the station around 11 and boarded the train for his office.

The train was fully packed. He could not get into the train but jostled and managed to get into the train. He was standing. Near that place, a person who was sitting suddenly got up, and He sat in that place.

Next to him there was a person, who was immersed in reading a newspaper. Out of curiosity, he looked into what the other person was reading.

To his surprise and amazement it was a Hungarian Newspaper. This man thought that he found another Hungarian and felt immensely happy. He started talking to him. Both of them talked in their own language.

For some reason, the person who was reading the newspaper was immensely sad. He asked him, “Hey why you are sad? What happened to you?” Then that man told his story.

The other man’s story

“When the Second World War started, I was a student then. I was caught by Germans and kept in the concentration camp. The war was over and prisoners were set free. I went back to my village and to meet my family.

“Unfortunately I could not find anybody. There was no person available to enquire about them. A child approached me. I enquired about my family members. The child said that the all my family members were killed except for one lady, who was taken as a prisoner by the Germans. Now where and how can I find my wife?” saying this, he wept because he had lost his wife.

“Where can I search my wife? I don’t know whether my wife is alive or not? I am not able to find out. I travelled to Paris and then settled down here. Now, I have stopped searching for my wife”.

The story didn’t end here, otherwise it will not be a story

Suddenly our friend remembered having a met a Hungarian lady a week back. Fortunately, he had her number. Going by the details of this person he phoned her up, told her about his new Hungarian friend and asked her to find out whether he was her husband or not.

The moment our friend talked to her, the other man started shedding tears. He said, “Yes I have found my wife. Fortunately, my wife is also here” and thanked this person.

This article ends with five questions.

  1. Why should I suddenly decide on that day of 10th Jan 1948, to visit my friend?
  2. Why I took that train in spite of heavy crowd?
  3. Why should I catch that train at that time?
  4. Then when I went inside suddenly a person got up and gave me the seat. Why?
  5. Why should this person be reading the Hungarian paper? At that time had I not read that paper, what would have happened?

He leaves us to come out with our own answers

We are made to believe that we are taking the decisions. We are made to believe that we are doing everything perfectly.

However, everything is done by the divine. The divine is so compassionate that we are made to believe that we are taking the decisions. It is the divine who plans everything.

As per the divine order, every second, every minute and every hour is important. That’s why we have to understand the value of time. Normally when we understand the value of the time, we understand then that every event is a necessity. Whether we want it or not, it has to happen.

When we believe this or when we accept any event as is, the divine will reveal itself. Till we resist our life, the divine is not revealed.

We may have pleasure in talking about the divine. But, when we experience the divine, we will not be in a position to talk about it.

All the events are only divine experiences, but with the help of the mind, we totally resist.

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Story of Rama

Rama to be crowned

Dasaratha, the King of Ayodhya, decided to install his son Sri Rama as the Crown Prince. All the people whole-heartedly accepted it. The whole of Ayodhya went into rapturous joy. Singing and dancing, all were discussing about Rama becoming the King.

While the whole world was happy and celebrating, there was darkness in one chamber. It was Kaikeyi’s. She is the second wife of Dasaratha.

Kaikeyi Passes the Evil Message to Rama

Rama got the message that Dasaratha wanted to meet him. So he hurried to Kaikeyi’s Apartment. He sensed the tension in the silent chamber. Rama saw his father. Beside him Kaikeyi stood like an evil spirit.

Rama prostrated at the feet of Dasaratha. Then he moved towards Kaikeyi, who moved away from him like an insane person. The king did not speak a word. His eyes were shedding tears and remaining shut. He just said “Rama” in a broken voice and tears escaped from his eyes.

Rama was confused. He said to Kaikeyi, “Have I done anything to annoy my father? Or is he unwell? I should not ask this – did you both quarreled?”

Kaikeyi said, “There is nothing wrong with you. He wanted to tell you something but he dare not. Therefore, I will tell you. Long before, your father gave me two boons. Last night when I asked him to honour it, he was not ready.”

Rama wondered at the harshness of Kaikeyi. There was so much malice in her tone. She said “Rama, if you can fulfill your father’s promises. I will tell you what I asked him for”.

“Why do you ask me? I will do anything to keep my father’s word. I will honour it – whatever it may be”.

Kaikeyi said “I want Bharatha to be crowned, instead of you. You should spend fourteen years in the forest, dressed like a rishi”.

Rama Agrees to Honour His Father’s Words

Without a moment of hesitation, Rama said,” Yes definitely I will go to the forest. Why is there such a conflict over this? Please send messengers at once to bring Bharatha. I am happy to see Bharatha crowned.”

Kaikeyi said in a cold voice, “Leave that to me. When Bharatha comes, you need not be here. As long as you are here, your father will not crown Bharatha. The sooner you leave, the better it is.”

Dasaratha swooned. Rama sprang to him. Now Rama’s eyes were full and he said quietly, “Father, you have not understood me. You could have asked me yourself. I would have gone happily then. It pains me that you have doubted my love for you. I will go at once. I will not come back for 14 years. I just want to see my mother Kaushalya and convince her that this is not a tragedy but a divine order. For me, the god’s grace has unfolded in this manner.”

Then he touched Kaikeyi’s feet and quickly walked out of the room. Behind him, he heard his father break down calling “Rama” several times and sobbing like a child.

Lakshmana Gets Angry

Lakshmana who accompanied Rama became angry and hot tears came out of him like a river. Rama just put his hand around his shoulders and consoled him.

His face became more radiant. There was no sorrow and no disappointment on his face now. Determination and the will to do anything vibrated through him. He became more handsome.

Rama Consoles His Mother

Rama explained everything to his mother Kaushalya, who spent the whole night in prayer. Kaushalya broke down and said, “Rama when you were born, I thought Gods have blessed me.  I never enjoyed the love of your father.  I was neglected by him. Since then you are the light of my days.  I cannot live without seeing your face, Rama.”

Her frail figure shook with sobbing.  Her lip was uttering “Rama, Rama”.

Rama’s Mother Bless Him

Finally, she accepted for Rama’s departure and blessed him. “In all the fourteen years of your life in the forest, be sure that Dharma (the divine order) and Satyam (truth) will always be with you. You will always be surrounded and protected by them and the Divinity”.

Rama prostrated to her and left her. Lakshmana then shouted, “I will not allow this.  A king should think of what is good for the kingdom and not what suits his favorite wife.  I will just kill him as well as Kaikeyi.”

Rama remained silent. He let him vent his grief, knowing it was sorrow that was expressed as anger and threat.

Rama Explains Speaks About Total Acceptance

You know about Vairagya (determination). We sat at Guru’s feet and learnt. We should implement in life, what we learnt.  Love for me should not resort to violence.  Violence is never Dharma.

You have to help me by letting me go in peace. Anger and grief will make us stagnate.  When we just accept the Divine order, our life is taken care of by the divine. Divine order is the one, which makes our destiny.

It is not that Mother Kaikeyi is evil or that she hates me.  Only that Divine order uses her, even against Kaikeyi’s own nature.  Do you know she is the most wounded of all!

Calm yourself. When disappointment strikes you, think with your intellect and not with your burning emotional part.  What is next?

Accept everything that comes to you. When you accept, you will find innumerable ways to live and do things.  While resisting, all the life doors are closed.

Acceptance is nothing but surrendering.  Surrender! Surrendering alone can allow divine to work for you.  When divinity takes care of your life, you are the most fortunate.

How to attain Peace and Harmony

Whether you agree or disagree with me, just observe what happens around you. Whatever is happening right now is what you need at this moment, because every scene in the drama of life is preparation for the next scene.

Only person without an ego

This is a continuation of the post, “Ego is not tiny”: http://wp.me/p3dhkD-2k


How one can be without an ego? Unless you shed your identity, you cannot shed your ego. There is only one person who was without an ego. He was Lord Krishna.

He accepted to be the driver of the chariot (in the battle field of Kurukshetra war). We don’t know the difficulties of a driver of a chariot.

In the midst of the war, while fight is going on, you cannot give instructions to the driver, ‘Hey turn left here’ and so on. In the war, Arjuna was sitting above him. How Arjuna did convey the messages to Krishna?

He will place his leg on the left shoulder of Krishna, if the chariot has to be turned left and on the right shoulder, if the chariot has to be turned right.

If you become a chariot driver, will you accept it? However, Krishna accepted it. That is the nature of Divine beings.  He did his work as a charioteer with full devotion.

Running the chariot is Karma Yoga for him. Running it with devotion is Bhakti yoga for him. Because he rode it with so much of dedication, he attained the supreme knowledge (Gnana) in driving the chariot.

That’s why His Gita is Bhagavad Gita.

When the war was over how did Arjuna behave?

That’s the difference between the lord and human beings.

After the war, he told Krishna, ‘I am the warrior. Will you please get down first?”

That’s the protocol in the war.  Krishna replied to him, “War is over. You get down first”.

Arjuna got down first and then Krishna did. The moment Krishna got down from the chariot, it burst into flames. Had Krishna followed the protocol, what would have happened? Arjuna would have been killed in the flames.

TINY is the switch word which fully describes Krishna.

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Not getting any results


Regarding the solutions you had given me earlier.  I did as you said but had a lot of problems with friends and looks like I cannot even talk to her anymore!! Why Naran?

I kept the paper with me and wrote whatever you said and chanted “FIND DIVINE ORDER” throughout too.  I don’t know sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if these words work at all!!

I am also chanting Ambika Slokam, “FIND DIVINE job COUNT NOW DONE” for a job and getting nowhere with anything. Is there any switch words for getting a job and getting friends? I chant WATER VIOLET too whenever I can.

Please can you guide me? Am I doing something wrong? I also chant “FORGIVE LOVE THANK YOU”. I read a lot of the posts and chant a few things that relate to my situation.

When will the words work and produce results Naran? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is nothing wrong in your doing.

The only problem we all face is when we want something we hang on to the result so intently that we don’t allow the divine to work and fulfill our desires.

Chanting is the tool. The mind should be on chanting and not on the end result.

One should understand that human beings cannot achieve anything with his own limited knowing.

One should just wish and release it to the divine field for completion.

Your constant worry or anxiety prevents your wish to enter the divine field.

Release all your anxiety and just chant.

When you stop worrying you are detached from the result. This detachment is necessary to understand the work of the divine. That means one detaches to surrender (SAMARPANAM) and prays for the fulfillment.

What is prayer?


Jyothi, Relax! There is time for everything.

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Old slippers can bite

From the class, “Mind-Body DEMYSTIFIED Part II”, Oct 19th, 2013


“New slipper will bite” – says a Tamil saying.

However, a lady who can speak only Telugu told me otherwise.

Girija went to a local temple, leaving her old slippers outside the temple premises, when she stood  before the deity, praying, a thought appeared in her mind whether her slippers would be safe; another thought flashed saying, “they will be; who will take these old chappals”.

Strangely, when she returned from the temple, she found her old slippers missing. So, she had to walk a bit under the hot sun, searching for a shoe shop, where she could buy herself new slippers.

Surprisingly, she found her slippers in the entrance of the shop.

I just wanted to tell you here, she could talk to inanimate objects.

She heard her slippers saying, ‘You left me unsafe, thinking I am too old to be stolen. See what I had done for your callousness. Do you understand my value now?”

So, we need to learn to respect inanimate objects also. For example, we throw the container after using all the remedies, without even saying thanks to the container. Don’t do that.

Next time, say thanks to the container or for the matter whatever stuff you use and then dispose them.

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Do you know how to surrender?


I tried every other thing that you suggested to move to Singapore but things did not work out.

I understand that God has his own way of doing things that is always for my highest good. Now, given our situation, even though we want to move to India, a part of me tells me to leave it to God and let him guide us.

How do I go about leaving things to God and wanting events to unfold according to Divine will?


Chant or write daily 51 times:
“I align with the part of me which surrenders and accepts Divine order”.
“I release the part of me which wants to control any event, resisting the divine order”.

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Life is a Game of Dice


Are all religions one and the same?  Do Allah, ISHWAR, JESUS have any fight? This question is for my Sister who loves a Muslim guy but they have lots of problems.

My sis somehow believes that as she is a Hindu, Allah rejects her and lord Shiva rejects him. She started to pray every day that if Allah and Ishwar are one then please bring us also together in love and release all the differences between her and her husband.

Why people fight and argue about religion? If the almighty is really one, is there is any mantra which can make a good relationship between Hindu and Muslim and also Christian?


All the conflicts quarrels are in the human mind only.

We fight because we only know that.

We quarrel because we only know that.

Whether it is Allah or Ishwar, the divine wants us to surrender our expectations to divine.

God or divine has no name.

We only name it as per our past. Naming everything in the world is the human way.

Wishing is in your mind and it is yours.

Fulfillment is not in your hands. It just happens.

Accepting whatever happens will enable us to move forward and continue our work in this world.

Don’t feel sad if anything does not happen as per your wish.

Don’t feel happy also if anything happens as per your wish.

This life is a game of dice. Play it with fun, but without expectations.

Why should we heal when divine is the doer


If everything that happens is pre-written as you say in your workshops then why do you conduct workshops on healing techniques? If everything is pre-willed as per your statement, why do I need to heal myself?


We should understand that we do not know what is pre-written. Divine grace is beyond what has been written. Sometimes, divine re-writes what was written. Alternatively, it may erase what was written and write something totally new.

Divinity Intervenes…

Also, the divine grace might act without our calling too. It can act even when we call it too. Therefore, instead of remaining helpless, brooding and wailing over situations, we should call and pray for a divine intervention. Healing is nothing but asking the divine to intervene.

Healing means action. It is done without expectation. In Saankya Yoga (Sloka45) Lord Krishna said, “Nir Yoga Kshe’ma Atmavan Bava”. It means one has to align oneself with the soul to remain calm and composed.


Does that mean I need not do anything?


Knowing fully well that anyone would think like this, Lord Krishna also said when he talked about Karma Yoga, “You need to perform action. Without action you will wither. Just do it. However, don’t have the desire on the result, while doing the karma (work). Also, don’t stop doing your karma.”

In accordance with what the lord said, healing is done without expectation. If divinity intervenes then it is well and good.If it does not, it is good too. How?

When you get what you want…

When you get what you want after the healing, it is for your highest good and therefore you can confidently move forward thinking that it’s right for you.

When you get what you do not want…

On the other hand, when you don’t get what you want after the healing, even then it is for your highest good. If the divinity does not intervene, then what has been pre-written is good for you. This is the acknowledgment you have got from the divine. Now, you can confidently think of other alternatives.

Healing alone can make both the results – wanted and unwanted, good. That is the power of healing and prayers.

Thus Healing is…

Healing is nothing but a prayer.

Healing is a call to divinity.

Healing realigns us with the divine.

Healing makes the mind accept what is given to us.

Healing makes our minds remains calm and composed.

Divine will enter or reveal itself only when the mind is calm.

Healing makes you understand the ways of divine better.

Healing refines our thinking and attitude.

Healing pulls us out of ignorance.

Healing is the step towards divinity.

Divinity is our nature. Let us become divine through healing. Let us thank healing because it is a tool to make us divine and through healing let us ascend from the human plane to divine plane.

– Naran S. Balakumar, during a Reiki class, 2003


This is very good. I have also been thinking about it.By healing we do not mean to focus on the events. We focus on the mind as because mind alone perceives or defines the problem, and judges the situation as good or bad.Healing aligns you to the soul by giving you the ‘no mind’ state. Thus healing is done for the mind and not for the events.

No mind means no thoughts and no problems either.That is the state where we go beyond good or bad, and that is the state of the soul.Till we reach the no mind state, we need healing, not for the events but for the mind itself.

– Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 9:52 AM

R Mohan

I am touched by what Saambavi has written. I was doing Reiki for healing a situation. Though, I felt that I was healing the clutter and darkness in me. I thought may be as usual Balakumar have not told us what he actually implies. I decided that I will try myself before questioning him and keep giving Reiki for the situation.

I am glad Saambavi has put it better as I can expect her always, by which I understand that we don’t give Reiki to the situation, but to ourselves. Thanks Saambavi for the explanation.

–Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 4:14 PM

I love to take control of my life


  1. Reflect on your life.
  2. Find in what situation you blamed others. Forgive them.

Who is the controller of your life?

Is it me? You cannot control your life. If you fall down you will have to go to the hospital. I do not have control. Then what is the meaning of this statement. When I surrender to the Divinity only, I will take control of my life.

Let us go deeper now. I am not the doer and Divine is the doer. This we will accept lovingly.

Here we have to cultivate the habit that you are not the doer. What happens when I am the doer? Everything will be wrong then. But everything goes right when you think that Divine is the doer. When you think that Divine is the doer, there will be surrender.

A tendency to blame others

We always have the tendency to blame others. We say, “I didn’t have proper sleep because my wife always disturbs me,” When there is no power supply we blame the government. When I am hurt in an accident, we say, “I was properly walking but that auto fellow came and hit me”.

In ordinary life, for each and every situation or event we will be blaming others. Who is spoiling me in my life? When you blame others you have to remember that he is also not the doer. Nobody is responsible for this.

When I am not the doer we happily accept that. When your work is blocked or delayed, the divine is waiting for the right time and he is the doer. When you bring this thinking you can take control of your life.

“My Mother is the cause of my husband’s death”, a case history

One mother and daughter are there. Daughter is married and more than 45 years old, living in a foreign country. About five years back her father expired. The mother has three daughters and all are away.

Mother used to disturb the daughters telling that somebody has to come and look after her. In their caste only the daughter has to look after the mother it seems. I asked the daughter to cut the cord (between the mother and her).

One day, the mother asked the daughter, “Suppose if your husband dies, whether you will come back to me”. The son-in-law died after three months. From then on the daughter could not forgive her mother at all. Whenever she sees her mother she becomes angry. But that lady is a philosophical lady.

The daughter came to me and told that even after taking the Bach Flower Remedies Holly and Willow she could not be alright. I told her that Holly and Willow say to you that you have to change your attitude.

When you say that you are not the doer, then you think that your mother is also not the doer. Keep chanting. “I am not the doer, she is not the doer and Divine is the doer”. After chanting this for one hour her heart became lighter. For the next two days she was chanting this and she became completely alright.

Till such time you are blaming others you are not in control of your life. So, whatever may be the problem, think that the Divine is the doer! The problem will be solved automatically. Then only you can take control of your life. 

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