Mullah was sad one day…

A Story about Happiness and of course Sadness…!!!

His friend asked him, “Why are you sad?”

Mullah replied, “My uncle died a month ago. He has willed his property to me. I just thought about it and feel sad”.

“What a fool you are? He was eighty when he died. Moreover, all his property is yours now. Instead of being happy, why should you feel sad and weep?”

“No! No! The matter is different. Last week, another uncle of mine died and he also has written his property in my name”.

“So what. Now, you should be doubly happy. He is also as old as this uncle. There is nothing to mourn or loathe. Cheer up yourself”.

“Shall I tell you one more thing?”

“Please go ahead”.

“My grand father who was ninety years old died yesterday, after giving Rs. 2 lakhs to me”.

Greatly angered the friend replied, “I don’t understand the reason for your sadness then”.

Wiping his tears, Mullah said, “All my rich relatives had died. Now, there is nobody among my relatives old enough to die and give his property to me”.

This is the mentality of a negative (Bach Flower) Gentian person. His mind is not happy about what he gets. The Gentian mind feels sad about what he has not got.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I am fan of yours, My father was a sub-share borker and I was young I used to follow all his work. As I grew up I had some hard times could go to college but finished some studies. I am well versed with many softwares and I am into business. My father always used to say that I should concentrate in shares business but that was not going into my head I was more concentrating in my other business.. Before 6 months I had a thought of going into shares business I went but I have lost money. My 6th sense says that I can do well in it. but then to i lost the money. After reading from your article I have started taking GORSE, ROCK ROSE, SCELERANTHUS, CERATO, OLIVE, PINE, SWEET CHESTNUT, CHESTNUT BUD, MUSTARD, WHITE CHESTNUT. Kindly guide me

  2. M A K
    These remedies should not be combined in a reckless manner and taken.
    1. When you want to understand the naunces or intricacies of share trading take MUSTARD AND OAK.
    2. When you are asking people or refering some articles about how to go about in share business, take CERATO.
    3. When you invest in shares take SCLERANTHUS AND GENTIAN. and continue to take it. This will help you to come out of “this or that” confusion. If this confusion is there, you will wrongly invest in a share which after investment will go down. i.e., when you want the share to go up,it will come down. To prevent this SCLERANTHUS AND GENTIAN.
    4. Share is always a business of luck One has no choice but to accept what is happening. If there is a failure and if you are demotivated take GENTIAN AND WILDROSE. This will increase your internal motivation.
    5. In spite of all these remedies, sometimes, you may take a wrong decision, and later regret the decision. At that time , take HONEYSUCKLE and to learn from mistakes take CHESTNUTBUD.
    6. When you are desperate about anything take SWEETCHESTNUT.

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