To Create a Better Future Look Back and Not Forward

When you do the healing, you heal your goals. For example, you may chant the Ambika mantra on behalf of your children, isn’t it?

Yes children are our FUTURE. If they do well then it means we have done well too.

Children are our future, which means we are the PRESENT. Then who is our past?

It is our parents. Parents are our PAST.

You heal your present to heal your future. In the same way, when you heal your PAST – your parents – you heal your PRESENT, and in turn your FUTURE – yours as well as your children.

Therefore, to create a better future, don’t look forward, but look back. It is a safer and a better solution than you have so far followed in your life.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran Ji
    My mother in law is completely on bed due to brain stroke from last two months.It was second attack.Earlier since last 13 year she was able to walk only few steps with walking stick as her left side was affected with paralysis but now even food is given through pipe.she is 60 year old.please advice me mantra for her recovery which i can chant for her she is in India and i live in forign country.She cannot even speak only slight movement in on of leg.
    with regards

  2. jaya,

    Write her name in a piece of paper and keep it in your left hand and chant GORSE ROCKROSE CHERRYPLUM HORNBEAM TOGETHER MOVE 200 TIMES.
    write the above names in a piece of paper and ask somebody to keep it under her pillow or bed.
    Another medthod: Do it if possible.
    buy a pencil quarts crystal (2″) cleanse it with water and hold the crystal in hand and chant the above. Then keep it on her name. The crystal will continue to chant this till you take up the next day.

  3. Dear Naran ji, I have since purchased your books on Forgiveness, SwitchWords vol 1 and 2 , Mantra. I also have got the CD on Together Divine, Abundance, Inner Smile, Vision Improvement, Shivohum 1. Kindly guide what sequence and daily what should I start with. I am aware that Shivohum 1 has to be listened for 2.5 months before I can request for part 2.

  4. raj,
    listen to the forgiveness together divine cd over headphone before sleep.
    Inner smile any leisure time. vision improvement in the morning /evening times. shivohum in the mornings.

  5. Dear Naranji,

    kindly tell me how to heal my past , my parents were divorced, i did not take care of my mother when she was at death bed , as we were sent to our father. my father is not speaking with me as i married against his wish. how do i heal , kindly let me know sir. i want a better future for my daughter, she should be healthy , wealthy and happy in all ways

    • sreelatha,
      you have to learn to heal the past by attending the workshop.
      By learning you can change your past. Unless you change your past, you can not create any new future. This is the only workshop where you can learn to heal your parents so that you need not do any healing for your children

  6. naran sir please provide me some switch words to get my husbands own house back in which m y in-laws are residing not only that they have transfered it to their name illegally . kindly help me we are living in arented house.

  7. vidya,
    Ask him to take Mustard two pills two time daily.

  8. Dear sir,
    My husband has started a taking mustard pills, and also chanting the switch words, though some imnprovement is seen in his business but not in his property matters as we came to know from other sources that my mother-in-law and brother-in-laws are about to sell my husbands property with the help of some political connections. Kindly help me, my inlaws have made our life miserable, please help as soon as possible.

  9. vj,
    as long as he takes mustard pills they cannot do so. Add Gorse

  10. Naran sir namaskar
    My son has B.Tech(Biotechnology) and tried for MS but could not get the visa inspite of his repeated attempts.
    Now he is doing software course.
    I thinks he lacks clarity/
    Please tell me a solution by which he can gain clarify of thought.



  11. vanaja,
    your thinking is your judgment. what does he think?

  12. Dear sir , Kindly take 2 days class at hyderabad , healing the past and mantra’s or switch words/ bach flowers/ tapping or NLP but please bless us also sir . mudra’s was excellent sir. we want to learn more and help ourself’s . please think of us also sir. please take regularly classes at hyderabad. its a humble request sir.

  13. dear sir
    As suggested by you to take mustard pills and chant TOGETHER CHANGE NOW my husband is doing till date to our surprise yesterday one of my brother-in-law came to my husbands shop for talk about the division of property and they agreed to give my husband house back to him but they have certain other conditions which may put us in to trouble ,so sir i request you to guide us in this matter so that they give my husbands house and his share in the remaining property with out problem.

    kindly help us sir they have given a weeks time to sign the document.

  14. vj,
    add Holly Aspen and hornbeam pills to the existing Mustard.
    Thank your brother in law.

  15. Dear sir,
    thank you very much for your immediate reply,but sir after going through the document given by them it states that they are giving only the small quantity of my husbands share in his property, and they selling land 1 crore some thing and they will not give any share in that, nor in farm in which my husband is having share too, and from my well wisher i came to know that they have created some black magic on my husband to sign the documents . Sir what should i do know as my husband is also complaining about his health and told me that he don’t feel like going to shop and he is not getting any business like before and often spends time at home not taking any interest in any of his business matters and not eating properly and he don’t get sleep at night. sir please tell me if their is any mantra which can be chanted by me or by my husband to increase his business and his interest in it, and to come out of this black magic if it really exist.

  16. VJ,
    GIVE HIM THE flower remedies MUSTARD HORNBEAM ASPEN RESCUE REMEDY. put 5 pills of each in a glass of water. Give that water 6 times in a day.
    do it for a month

  17. sir,
    should continue with the same switch word?

  18. dear sir
    my husband is taking the remedies, yesterday my husband went for a talk about the division of properties to his house where my mother-in-law and sister-in-law r ready to give my husbands property to him, but my 4 brother-in-laws are not ready and had a big quarrel , not only that hey are harrasing my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for supporting my husband and forcing them to sign the documents, sir please guide me .

  19. dear sir
    my husband is taking the remedies, till date but no improvement is seen sir, instead the matter is delaying for one or the other reason due to this no one in our house is happy , my husband is not able to concentrate on his business, besides this property matter my younger brother marriage has become a big problem as we are not able to find any perfect match for him, as per his horoscope he is having rahu dosha and mangal , hence no good things are happening in our lives due to this my parents are in great tension. sir please guide in all this matter .

  20. Sir,

    You say parents are the PAST. So heal the past to move forwards. How does one do it? My parents are no more. So too my parents in law.

    How can I undo the past?


  21. Sir,

    Its me again. I also need to tell you that I am not in a position to attend any workshops conducted by you, so please do help me. How can I heal the past? My past is full of regrets.

    Thank you,


  22. Usha if u know reiki do below

    Remove your karma
    JUN 10
    Posted by Naran S. Balakumar
    What is the karma that has made me take this birth? Let us see how to put it in the triangle.
    Any of our memories unaligned i.e., not aligned with the divine light I will say as non-divine.
    Anything that is non-divine we will put it in the silver triangle.
    I release all the unaligned memories acquired from my three previous births, and unaligned memories of my parents and ancestors that have caused my birth into this silver triangle.
    I draw the Reiki symbols – both traditional and Karuna Reiki symbols.
    I affirm the following now:
    • “Reiki Flow into the silver triangle”
    • “Heal and transform all the unaligned non-divine memory frequencies of my past life, unaligned non-divine memory frequencies of my parents and ancestors into Reiki frequency of light and love”.
    • “Transform them into Reiki frequency of Light and Love”.
    • “Make them whole and complete”.
    • “Now, every memory frequency of my past life is healed and has been made whole and complete.
    This is the basic healing procedure to heal our karma. Nothing can be simpler than this.

  23. If u dont know reiki do below technique:-

    • Visualize a Silver Equilateral Triangle in front of you.
    • Just think about them, and command within, “I Release all the memories of their unfulfilled desires, all their unfulfilled expectations into this Triangle”.
    • Call Sun god, “Sun god! Fill up this triangle. Transform all the unaligned incomplete energy frequencies into Light and Love.”
    • Say, “Open Align Resonate with Love and Light” for 3 minutes.
    • When you are chanting the above, visualize the triangle turning into Orange, Red, Blue, Violet, Yellow and Green (one after another).
    • Visualize the Green Triangle coming into your heart centre and becoming a Star of David.
    • From there, visualize green filling up the entire body.
    • While visualizing chant, “Open Align Resonate with Love and Light”
    FYI the above mentioned technique is part of Reiki Past Life healing.

  24. Dear Sir,

    Thank you.

    I MUST also tell you. Following your advice I called WOLF on two occasions to help my children. 1. Our younger son had an exam yesterday, he had a thumb injury which was operated. I was anxious re the pain and spasm he has been having while writing. He called to say he had no pain and has done well. 2. Our doctor son who is trying for PG, had to take a lecture this morning for a class of medical students on one of the most difficult topics to understand in Anatomy. He just called to say, his lecture was a hit! It was very well appreciated by the Professors, junior faculty and students!!

    Thank you once again for helping me.


  25. Dear sir,
    My name is Gaurav srivastava, i am 24 years old computer science engineer and still didn’t find a good job. Seems everything is about to end. Unable to study .Please tell me what to do. Hopeless.

  26. Dear Sir,

    can I have any Switchwords to heal the past of my ancestors? Yes, Im aware that you teach Reiki past life healing, but if some chants are available then I can probably chant when going to the beach or temple…

    Thanks in advance,


  27. hi,sir i’m suffering from a health problem where i have low phosphorus in body from past 5 years and recently got know abt the problem specifically by name so,i would like to seek ur help for this chant me any mantra or remedies to relieve from this problem permanently…thanking u in advance

  28. Dear Naran Sir
    I want to settle abroad ,even i put up my file for Quebec Canada with my two kids to settle permanent over their and live a happy life . Sir , i am widow and i am in love with the divorcee guy , we want to marry with each other , but his family will not agree for it. tell me some solution for it .

    Sukhvinder verma

  29. I want to become actress what mantra should I chant….currently I m chanting release resistance on…..switch word, om hreem shreem maha lakshmi namah, shree vakratunda, kleem, also shreem brezee 108 times. It’s been 40days what else shall i do

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