Inappropriate Love


Some time ago I explained to you about some sexual harassment that I was suffering, from near my home. You asked me to forgive them and it worked. They are no longer around blocking my path.

Unfortunately now – post clearing resistance to love – one of them has decided he is in love with me. Naran please help me I do not want this!

I feel like this may have been why I originally created the tendency not to receive love from people to avoid unwanted advances. This man is too old for me and not at all what I had in mind.

Please help me! I do not want to receive love from inappropriate places. I want to continue to be open to receiving love that does not make me feel bad.


Do the forgiving exercise for this man.

Say “I thank you old man for keeping away from me” three times daily.


Okay. I will do. What is the root cause of this? I feel I am always in this type of situation. It makes me become a separatist. I’m tired of it!


Grace, let us NOT think about why this is happening (and allow our ego to play games).

Heal as and when the situation arises. Release all your anger and resentment.

You can take a paper and write down your anger stories. Go on writing without reading what you wrote. Burn the paper or dip the paper in water and tear it.

Do the same for the second day and so on, until you feel that there is nothing to write.


I want to let you know that the man who was bothering me has lessened his advances. This is unprecedented. I will continue to thank and forgive until it stops.

I have not yet done the writing out exercise but I will try soon. Step by step everything is working.

Purpose of giving the forgiving exercise to Grace


A couple of questions had come to me asking why they should ask for forgiveness, when others have done the mistake.

I hope the above story will convince you now. Anyway, I will offer some explanation here.

Don’t take any words literally (I will post few articles on this topic).

When we do the forgiving exercise, we break off from our problem situation.

Otherwise, our thoughts and feelings about the situation – I mean our connection to the problem situation, will sustain it further.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. guruji we have purchased plot in gated commounity .builder has given as construction aggrement and done registration,but know he is saying that he cannot arrange housing lone to us because his project is not got approval ,we are depending on housing lone we already paid 50 percent of amount .kindly help me to get housing lone guruji we are worried.kindly help.

  2. Yes. Please do it. It is very interesting just thanking people for the behavior you prefer actually has been working everywhere. It showed me there is a lack of gratitude in my life. Just do what Naran says. Do not ask too many questions….they are all excuses! It still heard to believe with my mind but my heart knows its true.

  3. I am little confused as I have seen other posts with forgiving exercise on blog which is different (I …forgive you.. ). Here, is forgiving saying Thank you line – which is the forgiving exercise and how to do it. mentioned here in naran Sirs reply, 5th para.

    I totally agree. It is wonderful to experience the benefit instead of listening to mind. Thank you for sharing Grace and Naran sir for the posts and answers and instructions.

    • Do the forgiving exercise for this man. This is a separate exercise.
      Say “I thank you old man for keeping away from me” three times DAILY”. This is done in addition to the forgiving exercise

  4. For last 2 years am facing anal fissure problem.Am following simple diet also and daily during bed time I have to take laxative(2 spoon cremafin plus syrup) then every thing is fine.I want to get rid of this.If I stop taking laxative same problem exist.
    please help

  5. jaya
    instead of cremafin, take KAYAM churnam 1 teaspoon

  6. hi sir, my friend has attended driving classes for 3 times but stil she is unable to drive because of fear . Plz suggest a remedy?

  7. sir , i love someone since last 4 years thers have been lots of downs and few up but that dosent resist me from going away form him .i still love him like i use to at the starting of relation ..but his behavior is unpredictable. u asked me to chant walnut rockwater my name and his name together divine last time when i asked you am chantin it reguraly .but things are not workin well he starts ignorin me ,stops replyin me stops takin my calls..i have left it on destiny ..coz i have done every effort i could do from my side ….but on other side i dnt want to lose him….i never till date wished anythin so badly and accepeted everythin as it comes to me..but i dnt want my life without him..plz help me sir…

  8. atewhs,
    chant i release my resistance to get him.

  9. I have attended your class last december2012.Was very happy to meet you in person. I am a regular reader of your blog.

    I have made Wolf my best friend!! I keep calling wolf every time I need help. And it has worked very well. Be it getting taxi, or for holding the rain till I reach home. Every time I call wolf, wolf is there to help me.

    My younger brother has got a good job in our hometown. The problem is that he has not been paid salary for the last three months. He is upset. He works almost 6 days a week and sometimes night shifts too.

  10. desperate,
    Give him flower remedies CHICORY, CENTAURY, ROCK WATER, CHESTNUT BUD and HORNBEAM – each two pills four times a day.


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